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LUMICHRON clocks -

Iconic Landmarks for any Location

LUMICHRON manufactures very high quality clocks for your school, commercial development, municipal building, or transit facility. We design and build custom clocks to fit your project requirements, delivered on-time, on-budget with great personal attention. From a single façade clock to a distributed time system – we're all about Public Time and we look forward to working with you! OUR APPROACH – Personal, factory-direct service to provide the best type of custom-made clock(s) for your project.

Some interesting clocks we have recently completed include tower clocks for the US Forest Services Building in Washington, DC; a small gem of a clock for a chic hotel in Paris, France and a different but equally fancy clock for a restaurant in the DC area;  intricate replicas of England's Waterloo and King's Cross train station clocks; a clock for a campground in Potlatch, Idaho; an illuminated skeletal clock for the Emeryville, CA, Fire Station and an illuminated 54-inch case clock for the Kettering, OH, Fire Station; an Swiss modern office clock for a Google employee; clocks for these Indiana spots: Ft. Wayne Children's Zoo, Harbour Trees Golf Club, and the Indiana Hockey Club; a clock for a park in Filadefia, Paraguay; many clocks for schools and municipalities, and many more.   Since many of our clocks are installed on-site by a general contractor or site electrician, we often don't see them once they are up and running.  When we do have "in-the-field" photos, we try to post them on our blog. You can subscribe to our blog to receive email notifications of updates, or check out our news page!

Upcoming projects include: tower clocks for  universities (Lumichron custom clocks will be the centerpiece of these new buildings); an exterior bracket clock for a jewelry shop in Anchorage, Alaska; a bank in Puerto Rico; a restaurant in Dallas; a courthouse, and a school in Zambia.  We would love to add you / your project to the list!

Let LUMICHRON make time for you!

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Download our Catalog (PDF)

This landmark clock was first built and installed in 1907 on the Oconto County Courthouse in Oconto, Wisconsin. LUMICHRON restored each clock face to its original beauty, with new computer-controlled state-of-the-art clockworks.

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If you are an architect or designer looking for a high quality outdoor clock, here’s a quick rundown of what LUMICHRON has to offer.

Would you like a skeletal clock with hands and ticks only, sometimes with halo-lighting?  Or a case clock with a fully lit face? Whatever your application, LUMICHRON fabricates each clock with care and attention, exactly to your specifications, paying close attention to materials, fit and finish.  We use unbreakable polycarbonate for the translucent dials, long-life LED illumination, tempered glass, proper drain holes, ventilation louvers, durable powder coating or acrylic enamel sign-grade paints, and stainless steel fasteners throughout.

LUMICHRON uses clock movements and controls of world-renowned, highest European quality to provide reliability, durability and accuracy for schools, hospitals, municipalities, mixed-use and retail developments, and sporting and entertainment venues.

LUMICHRON clocks provide hands-free operation:  A master clock keeps track of the time and automatically resets the display clocks after power interruptions and Daylight Saving Time, and is often synchronized by a GPS antenna.

For high quality outdoor clocks, personal service, and fast turnaround, let LUMICHRON make time for you!

Custom-made in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

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Download our Catalog (PDF)


Dial & Hand Selector


CAD Drawings

Contact LUMICHRON for Specifications, CSI 10 74 13

LUMICHRON Set of 3 Skeletal Clocks, 48" diameter for Mariano's New City location

LUMICHRON Set of 3 Skeletal Clocks, 48″ diameter for Mariano’s New City location


Above is a photo of yesterday’s installation in New City, IL, a suburb of Chicago. This is a new Mariano’s grocery store.   These three 48″ diameter skeletal clocks each display a unique time: New York (Eastern Time), Chicago (Central Time), and Los Angeles (Pacific Time). A Mobatime HN-50 controller and a Mobatime GPS antenna guarantees absolute time accuracy in sync with Atomic time for each clock’s time zone.

Since we are a small shop, every clock we make has our personal attention. We use the highest quality components and manufacturing processes available. We have a team of very talented craftsman who custom-build your clock with utmost care, and we are here after the sale to make sure you / your customer are completely satisfied with your LUMICHRON clock.

LUMICHRON is committed to providing a very high quality product, for the quoted price and in the time frame quoted . . . including clocks for such companies as Twitter, Tissot (luxury watch), Tag Heuer (another Swiss watch mfr.), Madison Square Garden,  many colleges and municipalities, and many general contractors around the country (including repeat business). In fact, Lumichron has clocks on every continent – each built with personal care and attention.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and we look forward to building this clock for your project!

Lumichron manufactures very high quality clocks for your tower, building façade, airport terminal, or transit facility. We build clocks designed to fit your project requirements, delivered on-time, on-budget with great personal attention. From a single façade clock to a distributed time system – we're all about Public Time and we look forward to working with you!


Built with passion and care using the finest movements and control systems available, each clock is individually created for the customer and project. Large architectural/tower clocks with back-lit dials or skeleton clocks with hands and numbers/markers only (illuminated as well!) Let us Make Time for you!

LUMICHRON Outdoor Clocks
Each clock is individually created for the customer and project.

Tower & Case Clocks
Bracket or Projecting Clocks
Post & Street Clocks
Skeletal  Clocks
Network Clocks
Wireless Clocks

Dial & Hand Selector
Clock Restoration & Preservation

As a US partner of CAMPA®, LUMICHRON offers a complete range of quality products for bell ringing, monumental clocks and carillons, as well as all the necessary services for technical and musical design.

Automatic Time Control
LUMICHRON builds electric and battery clocks that reset automatically.

Distributed Time Systems
LUMICHRON and MOBATIME can provide your facility with a clock system including analog and digital displays with time-code delivery by means of impulse, LAN/WAN or wireless.

LUMICHRON is your US Distributor

Photos of our Work
Photo gallery of some of our installations.

How To’s
Videos for Operating and Programming your Clock Controller 

Personal, factory-direct service to provide the best type of clock(s) for your needs. Deliver within a fast time-frame on-budget. Call 888-788-4838 or contact us for a quote!

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About clocks, time, and our recent projects

Download our catalog. It includes commercial clock styles, sizes and specifications for analog clock dial and hand designs and information on clock movements and control. CSI 10 74 13.

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