About Us . . .

What is it about us? It’s that we want to make TIME for you!

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Ian Macartney, founder of LUMICHRON Clock Company. Pictured with a 6′ Roman dial clock for Nu-Vest Associates, Farmington Hills, Michigan


Let us tell you a little bit about us . . .

First of all, our goal is to be your tower clock maker.

To do that, we pay close attention:    to your needs, to how we fabricate our clocks, to using the highest quality components, processes, and equipment available.

We incorporate technology with craftsmanship to create clocks accurate to the second and built to last a very long time.


LUMICHRON creates clocks for public time display that may become icons for generations to come.  For over 30 years, we have designed and manufactured high-quality clocks for commercial applications. LUMICHRON heavy-duty commercial clocks and clock systems include illuminated electric clocks, four-sided tower clocks, bracket clocks and façade (skeletal) clocks.  Sizes range from small interior wall clocks to oversized, landmark exterior clocks.

History and Experience

LUMICHRON Clock Company has built custom clocks for national and international customers since 1984.  There are LUMICHRON clocks on every continent in the world . . . including Antarctica, at the McMurdo Station!

Each client is new and exceptional.  We work on a personal, one-to-one level to achieve exactly what is desired with delivery exactly what is promised, exactly as per the quotation.  LUMICHRON brings a wide scope of experience from many diverse projects; we have a solution for your project.


LUMICHRON fabricates each clock with care and attention, exactly to your specifications, paying close attention to materials, fit and finish. Cases are entirely made of aluminum for corrosion resistance with unbreakable polycarbonate dials and tempered glass crystals for strength and clarity forever, long-life LED illumination, tempered glass, proper drain holes, ventilation louvers, durable powder coating or acrylic enamel sign-grade paints, and stainless steel fasteners throughout.

LUMICHRON tower clocks provide hands-free operation with a digital master clock with quartz time-base to keep exact time and automatically reset the display clock after power interruptions and Daylight Saving Time, and can be synchronized by a GPS antenna. LUMICHRON tower clocks feature clock movements and controls of world-renowned European quality to provide reliability, durability and accuracy for schools, hospitals, municipalities, mixed-use and retail developments, and sporting and entertainment venues.

Our Partner

LUMICHRON is the US representative of MOBATIME Swiss-made clock systems including analog and digital displays with time-code delivery by means of impulse, LAN/WAN or wireless. MOBATIME manufactures extremely accurate NTP time-servers along with master clocks for clock systems for transit stations, airport terminals, schools and universities, hospitals and industrial applications.


LUMICHRON offers a comprehensive three-year warranty on our outdoor tower clocks.


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 If you have any questions or comments on this policy feel free to contact us at the phone number above or contact us via email.