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Ian Macartney, LUMICHRON Tower Clocks, Architect Clock

Ian Macartney, founder of LUMICHRON Tower Clock Company

LUMICHRON USA is a Clock Company committed to providing a quality product at a competitive price, in the time frame you need.

Since we are a small shop, every clock we make has our personal attention, and we use the highest quality components and manufacturing processes available.   At LUMICHRON, we have a team of very talented craftsman who custom-build each clock with utmost care, and we are here after the sale to make sure you are completely satisfied with your LUMICHRON clock.

We incorporate technology with craftsmanship to create clocks accurate to the second and built to last a very long time. LUMICHRON analog clocks use digital controls – quartz time-base with optional GPS correction – to keep exact time in synchronization with your cell phone! We use movements with impulse-drive motion (moving only once a minute) featuring lubrication-free bearings for ultra long-life. Cases are entirely made of aluminum for corrosion resistance with unbreakable polycarbonate dials and tempered glass crystals for strength and clarity forever.

LUMICHRON USA since 1984

LUMICHRON Clocks are Made in the USA, as they have been since 1984.  We are proud to have happy & punctual customers around the world — in fact, LUMICHRON has clocks on every continent, including Antarctica.

Let LUMICHRON make TIME for you!  Call us for more information or a quote 888-788-4838.

Or contact Ian Macartney by email

Our mailing address is 2215 29th St. SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49508


Our customers include such brands as Red Wing Shoe, Harley Davidson, Tag Heuer, and Tissot.  Many colleges, and universities feature LUMICHRON Tower Clocks, including the University of Alabama, North Carolina State University, University of DC, Nova Southeastern University, Western Illinois University, among others.  A tower clock is a timely way for alumni to pay homage to their alma mater.  Tamalpais High School in Marin County, California was such a beneficiary — LUMICHRON replaced three clock faces on the original tower.  A public time display is also useful for educational and municipal sports facilities and aquatic centers.  In fact, LUMICHRON Tower Clocks provide public time for many municipalities around the United States.  Of course, shopping centers, mixed-use developments, and other commercial buildings also benefit from the public service of TIME, displayed on a custom-built LUMICHRON Clock.  Each built with personal care and attention.

 At LUMICHRON USA our goal is to exceed your expectations!

clock tower, icon shelter systems, village of wheeling

LUMICHRON 4-sided Clock Tower in the Village of Wheeling, Illinois. Tower structure built by Icon Shelter Systems


LUMICHRON is the exclusive US distributor of  MOBATIME, Swiss-made clock systems including analog and digital displays with time-code delivery by means of impulse, LAN/WAN or wireless. MOBATIME manufactures extremely accurate NTP time-servers along with master clocks for clock systems for transit stations, airport terminals, schools and universities, hospitals and industrial applications.

At LUMICHRON, we want to exceed your expectations.

 LUMICHRON, skeletal, illuminated tower clock, AutoBahn Fort Worth

LUMICHRON skeletal, illuminated tower clock, Autobahn Motor Group Dealership, Ft. Worth, Texas


Kitchen Clock, Custom wall clock, Architectural Digest, Tower Clock

Sea Change, Architectural Digest, featured this 24-inch diameter LUMICHRON Clock in a beautiful Hamptons home

Chatwal Hotel Lobby, LUMICHRON custom clock,

LUMICHRON custom-designed this beautiful chrome clock for the Chatwal Hotel lobby in NYC theatre district