Select a Dial and Hand combination for your clock

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Take a look through our most popular clock faces and hands, then click on a dial, and then a hand design, to preview.

Once you have made a selection, request a quote for your clock! Use the button at right, so that your designs are included in the request.

Keep in mind that Roman clock faces look best with, you guessed it, Roman style hands. An Arabic dial (using regular numbers) looks best with a hand that is more plain in style, such as a straight or block style.  For best legibility and visibility, we suggest a clock hand is bold enough to stand out with your dial choice.

Once you have made a selection, request a quote for your clock!

LUMICHRON can also create completely custom clock dials and hands, either from your files or to your specifications, for canister or case clocks, tower clocks, street clocks or any of our other clock styles.    For our smaller clocks, that have a dial covered by glass crystal, the dials have a UV-coating so that sunlight will not cause fading.  For larger clocks, the face is made of durable, unbreakable polycarbonate (the superior choice), and are embossed & decorated from the inside with your dial design for durability and long life.  Our clock hands are expertly constructed and balanced, especially important for oversized outdoor clocks, to ensure perfect time-keeping and with finishes that last, in all types of weather and exposure.

When you choose LUMICHRON for your clock project, you have chosen a clock that will look good and be accurate for a very long time! Let us help you design a clock for your next project.