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TIME:  It’s in our name — LUMICHRON!

LUMICHRON, derived from the Latin  “LUMI” meaning light and “CHRON” meaning time. “Illuminating Time”. That’s our passion and it come from our heart!  We take the time to manufacture a landmark for your building, project, or community.  For over 30 years LUMICHRON has been manufacturing clocks in Michigan. We specialize in Clock Towers, Exterior Case & Skeletal Clocks as well as Post Clocks. We will meet your budget and lead-time schedule with products second-to-none in performance, and we are passionate about providing superior service and support.

We recently updated our website! It now includes more resources, FAQ’s, and options for a faster and easier experience, on your tablet, phone, or computer.    We are especially excited about our portal for Professionals! Whether you are an Engineer, Architect, Contractor or Designer, you’ll find resources for specifying a clock for your next project.

Other features Include:
 A cleaner more intuitive interface  Enhanced Search functionality  Resources to help you determine the best clock, time keeping systems or replacement parts for your needs.  Responsive design for easier research and browsing no matter what your device.


For further specifications, a quote, or more information, contact Ian Macartney at 616-245-8888 or  If you cannot download or print the catalog, please give us a call and we will happily mail one to you (yes people still do that!)

LUMICHRON uses CAMPA and Swiss MOBATIME equipment in many of our clocks for their superior durability, longevity, and dependability.   LUMICHRON also distributes MOBATIME-brand clock and time systems. MoserBaer of Switzerland is the world leader for synchronized time designs and engineering since 1938.


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