FAQ’s about Tower Clocks, or any commercial clocks!


Your FAQ’s answered by LUMICHRON Clock Company.

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  • How do I select a clock?

  • What is the typical delivery time?

  • Who installs the clock(s)?

  • Who maintains the clock(s)?

  • How do you set the time on a tower clock?

  • What is a masterclock?

  • What is a slave clock movement?

  • What is a Self-Setting clock movement?

  • Can we do Atomic Time clocks?

  • Are the clocks weatherproof?

  • What is a Skeletal clock?

  • What is a 'Case' clock?

  • Illumination?

  • How are the clocks serviced?

  • Are the crystals plastic?

  • How long is the warranty?

  • Do we furnish Operation & Maintenance Manuals?

  • Do we manufacture all of our own componentry?