“High Time”

“High Time”

The Boji Group Renovates the Historic Clock at Olds Tower

The 25-foot diameter clock on Boji Tower in Lansing, Michigan, is completely renovated.  Ian Macartney of Lumichron Tower Clock Co. handled the renovation, with Larry Willerson and his crew at Sky High performed the aerial installation of LED-lit hour markers and hands.  Installation was completely last week .   We hope to post a photo of the illuminated clock at dusk soon.

Read more in the terrific article by Lawrence Cosentino in the Lansing CityPulse.

Boji, Boji Clock Tower, Lansing, Michigan, clock renovation

Photo courtesy of Lawrence Cosentino and the Lansing CityPulse Newspaper, 7-20-17. New Clock Hands, Illumination, and Clockworks for Boji Tower in Lansing, Michigan .


Not only is Boji Tower the tallest building in Lansing, the clock is the 8th-largest clock in the United States.  The historic 23-story building, located near the State capital in Lansing, Michigan, is also known as the Olds Tower.  It was built in 1929 by Ransom E. Olds, an automotive industry pioneer whose company developed, manufactured, and sold one of the first affordable cars in mass production in the US.

boji, olds, boji clock tower, historic renovation

The tower clock prior to renovation. The Boji Tower, also known as the Olds Tower, was built in 1929 by Ransom E. Olds. The historic 23-story building is located in Lansing, Michigan.