Lancaster Hall at Longwood University

Lancaster Hall at Longwood University

Historic Clock Tower Refurbished

In Late October, 2016, LUMICHRON was awarded the contract for the replacement/refurbishment of the four 54″ diameter historic clocks at Lancaster Hall, Longwood University, Farmville, Virginia.

New Clockworks and more . . .

You may recall Lancaster Hall at Longwood University as the site of the US Vice Presidential Debates last year. LUMICHRON began work with a site visit.  Then we removed the original cast-iron, glass-paned clock dials and brought them back to our shop in Michigan for sand-blasting, re-finishing, and cutting all new ¼” thick tempered glass panes, with a white translucent finish. We also fabricated new clock hands, and replaced the mechanical clockworks with “up-to-the-minute” slave clock movements and a master clock controller with GPS synchronization for exact time keeping and bell striking functions

This project was completed in 7 weeks, and LUMICHRON was pleased to work with Montgomery Consulting, who restored the wood tower itself.

Lancaster Hall, Longwood University, Farmville, . renovations, historic, clock tower.

Historic Lancaster Hall at Longwood University, Farmville, VA, in the midst of clock tower renovations.


Clock dial, Clock Tower Renovation, Lancaster Hall, Longwood University

Touching up, to make it perfect



longwood, university, lancaster hall, clock restoration, clock replacement

Newly refinished clock dial.


Lancaster Hall, Longwood University, Clock Tower Refurbishment, renovation,

Outside looking in.

Longwood University, Clock Hands, Clock Tower

Ian Macartney with the new hands, and the center pane of new tempered glass


Longwood Univesity, Lancaster Hall, Clock renovation

Lancaster Hall clock tower, prior to restoration


Alternatives for similar future projects, depending on historical or customer requirements, would be to use sign-grade polycarbonate (UV protected) in lieu of glass panes, or a 4-way central-drive clock mechanisms with dial gears.

Since every project is custom, we can tailor to your requirements.

At LUMICHRON, we want to make TIME for you!