Oconto County Courthouse Clock Restoration

Oconto County Courthouse Clock Restoration

Oconto County Courthouse Exterior Tower Clock Restoration We want to let you know what’s going on this week in Oconto County, Wisconsin.  LUMICHRON Clock Company is working on the Oconto County Courthouse Clock Restoration project!  Our company was selected through a competitive bid process to restore the 4 tower clocks on the cupola of the courthouse.

The Oconto County Courthouse was designed by Rau & Kirsch; it replaced the first county courthouse which burned down in 1891.  This new courthouse was built in the same year for $50,000.  It is described as a gabled pavilion of blonde brick, featuring a clock tower and cupola with a statute of Lady Justice balancing her scales on top.  In 1907, fire destroyed the upper level but it was rebuilt with a larger cupola, additional dormers and red roof tiles.  At that time the Seth Thomas 7-foot diameter clocks and bell were added.  Above is a photo showing the courthouse before restoration. You can’t tell, but the clocks are not keeping time.

Oconto County Courthouse Clock RestorationOnce Lumichron completes the work, all four of the clock faces will be in exact synchronization with Atomic time, and will reset automatically for Daylight Saving and power interruptions. Illumination and new clock hands will be added to the clock faces, and the clockworks are being replaced with state-of-the-art European computer-controlled automatic clock gears.  A new bell striker system is also being installed, utilizing the original, over one-hundred-year-old cast-bronze bell.  Attached are photos of prepping and cleaning the glass and cast-iron face, the antique bell, and setting up inside the tower.

This is not the first time Lumichron has restored an antique custom clock.  In November, 2013, Lumichron completely restored the same model Seth Thomas Clock on Lake Drive in Grand Rapids, Michigan for Bazzani Associates, with clockworks, illumination, and restoration of the cast-iron and art-glass face.

Cities and towns, businesses and schools, and commercial properties rely on Lumichron to provide the highest quality clock components available in the world, combined with our custom-designed and custom made-in-the-USA housings, as well as our technical know-how and after-sale support.  Lumichron is dedicated to serving each customer with intention and integrity, and providing a superior quality product to last for many years.