Tower Clocks, Street Clocks, Bracket Clocks, Wall Clocks, Exterior Clocks, Custom Clocks and more.  Usually for a commercial, exterior application. There are two basic types of Tower Clocks – Fully-enclosed Case or Skeletal.  LUMICHRON Clock Company also custom-builds suspended or bracket clocks, post and street clocks, and smaller wall clocks for interior use.  From our partner MOBATIME of Switzerland, we offer the very best network clocks and timesystems. Click on the images or text below, or go to our menu for more information on each type of clock.

Types of Tower Clocks:
Case, fully enclosed, with an illuminated back-lit dial, with glass crystal (up to 48″ dia) or exposed hands (48″ +)

Types of Case Clocks:
Semi-flush mounted, case clock that is partially inset into an opening in the fascia or wall.
Surface-mounted, case clock mounted directly on the building fascia or wall.
Flush-mounted, case clock that is completely inset in an opening in the building fascia or wall; the dial or glass crystal is flush to the façade.

Skeletal, no case. The hour markers are mounted directly to the building facade.  The hands mount to the clock movement shaft, which extends from the interior or from an inset.  Hands and markers are easily illuminated, face-lit or halo-lit.with or without illuminated hands and markers