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Illuminated Clocks by LUMICHRON are either a case clock with the entire face lit from within, or a skeleton clock with front- or halo-lit clock hands and / or hour markers.

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A case clock features a translucent white or ivory face which is illuminated by LED’s inside the clock case.  LED’s are available in three shades of white, ranging from cool (6500k) to warm (3500k), and provide  100,000 hours of illumination, as well as an even, uniform glow.

Featured in the first photo below is a set of three skeleton-type tower clocks with the clock tower providing the background for the clock face. The hour markers are installed directly on the fascia, with the hands mounted to the movement shaftEach individual hour marker and hand is halo-lit with LED’s secured behind a clear polycarbonate cover.  A master clock controller, which maintains time synchronization, is located in a maintenance room, and it connects to the three clock movements on the inside of the tower.

Custom features are always an option . . . we have made a clock that changes color, with special color-changing LED’s, operated by a remote controller, for an office suite as shown in the second photo below.  Click here to see it change color.

Skeleton Cap Fed illuminated Capital Federal Mission Bank, Kansas

Skeleton-style, illuminated tower clocks – Capital Federal Mission Bank, Mission, Kansas

48-inch diameter Roman Clock with color-changing LED illumination

48-inch diameter Roman Clock with color-changing LED illumination











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