Skeleton Clocks . . .

Project Decscription

for when you want the building to be the background of the clock.

Skeleton clocks are those with numbers and/or markers and hands mounted directly to the wall surface, without a surrounding case.   In some cases, a separate background dial is also used.  Illumination for skeleton clocks is achieved with halo or front lighting on each hand and dial element (numbers or markers).  If a background dial is used, that can also be halo-lit.  A benefit for choosing a skeleton clock is it can be as large as you like!  Another benefit is a skeleton clock can be less expensive than a traditional case clock which is fully-enclosed and mounted as one unit.   For installation of skeleton clocks, LUMICHRON provides a life-size template for marking positions of mounting hardware and opening for the movement shaft or movement.   The clock movement is located behind the wall, or can be placed behind an escutcheon plate in an opening on the front of the wall.   As the clock hands are exposed, LUMICHRON fabricates the clock hands to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Interestingly, skeleton watches proved extremely popular at the recent world watch showcase BASEL-Wor

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