Saunders Clock is a Timely Gift

Saunders Clock is a Timely Gift

Mission Hall at UCSF features New Exterior Clock

A unique gift to UC San Francisco found a home in the courtyard of Mission Hall, the recently opened Global Health & Clinical Sciences Building on the Mission Bay campus. From Jack Hellmann, in memory of his mother, Margery Saunders Hellmann – daughter of UCSF’s first chancellor, John B. de C.M. Saunders, and his wife, Alison B. Maxwell-Wood Saunders – the Saunders Clock, as it will be named, serves as an enduring reminder of one family’s outstanding contribution to UCSF that began some eight decades ago and continues today.

You can read more about the incredible journey of Jack Hellman’s grandparent’s (both doctors) and the contribution they made to the University.

The clock is a replica of the famous SBB, or Swiss Railways, Clock.  The clock, manufactured by Moser-Baer (aka MobaTIME) of Switzerland is characterized by clear, functional and highly crafted graphics, and a highly crafted case and state-of-the-art clockworks.  MobaTIME has been perfecting the art of keeping time for over 75 years.


LUMICHRON Clock Company is proud to have worked with Cupertino Electric and WRNS Studio Architects to bring this vision to life.

UCSF, Saunders exterior outdoor clock with custom clock dial, custom clock face


A Campus Landmark

Saunders Clock was created in loving memory of my wonderful mother, Margery Saunders Hellmann,” said Jack Hellmann. “She and my grandparents would be deeply gratified that we have joined the past and future of UCSF in this symbolic way, as well as establishing what we hope will become a campus landmark for future generations of UCSF faculty, students, and friends.”