A mission to bring time to passengers

A mission to bring time to passengers


Ian Macartney is a man with a mission. Macartney is founder and owner of LUMICHRON Clock Company, maker of clocks for Universities, Town Centers, Hospitals, and Commercial Buildings.  Now LUMICHRON Clock Company wants to restore the notion of public time to bus stations, rail stations, and airports.  We want to bring time to passengers of airport terminals and  rail and bus stations.


“We’re trying to get this concept of custom-made nice round clocks in airports and train stations” in the USA, says Ian Macartney.   A consistent analog clock face throughout a facility “. . . gives a customer the sense that there’s a consistency and reliability to the system and a recognition of the importance of time” says T.R. Hickey, of the Philadelphia office of the engineering firm CH2M Hill. He continues, “There is an assurance that comes with reliability, and that distills down to the value of time.  It’s an important tool for public agencies and transit operators.  It’s one of those many subtle messages to get our customers to trust us.”

The iconic custom-made Swiss Railways Clock, at the train station platform in Burgdorf Switzerland

The iconic Swiss Railways Clock, at the train station platform in Burgdorf Switzerland


How much time do you have left?


“If you look at a custom-made analog clock, you can tell in a nanosecond how much time you have left. That’s the beauty of it,” Macartney said. “You don’t have to do the math. It’s an instant graphic representation of how much time you have left.”

Read the recent article featuring LUMICHRON Clock Company in Passenger Transport , the magazine for the American Public Transportation Association by clicking on this link or copy and past this address in your browser  http://newsmanager.commpartners.com/aptapt/issues/2013-03-08/29.html)

LUMICHRON Clock Company designs and manufactures its own custom stand-alone façade and tower clocks including illuminated electric clocks, four-sided tower clocks, bracket clocks and façade (skeletal) clocks for exterior and clock towers.  We are proud to be an authorized US distributor for MOBATIME, the Swiss company that makes all the clocks for the Swiss Railways, as well as sychronized time systems for airports around the world.



Choose LUMICHRON Clock Company . . . Let us make TIME for you!