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LUMICHRON Clock Company offers Tower Clock Parts . . . perfect for sign companies and builders to build or restore a clock.

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Ready-to-Install Custom Skeletal Clock Parts, including Hour Markers, balanced and rates Hour and MInute Hands, heavy-duty impulse-drive Clock Movement, and automatic Master Clock Controller in a NEMA enclosure box. Not shown: paper pin-up pattern.

Here is a list of the tower clock parts you will need to build a new clock — for a sign, a billboard, or a monument, or parts to restore an existing clock:

Custom Clock Hands (or choose a standard style) — For any size clock face.  Size is unlimited!

Custom Clock Dial Hour Markers — Numbers, Roman Numerals, or simply dashes, dots, or lines to mark the hours

Tower Clock Movements — Movement with shaft, for installation through a wall or surface, or inset for front access (covered with a rosette).  These commercial-grade, heavy-duty clock mechanisms are controlled by and connected to a Master Clock Controller.  A low-voltage (24v) line leads from the clock face to the controller. You will need one movement for each clock face.

Tower Clock Controller — The Master Clock Controller is the brain behind the clock.  The controller can power one or several clock faces.  It keeps each clock in exact synchronization with each other.  The Master Clock will automatically reset the display clock(s) after power interruptions and Daylight Saving Time changes.  It operates on 110/60 power, and has a 10 year lithium battery back up. The controller can “drift” a minute or two each year, which is easily adjustable by pushing a button periodically.

GPS Antenna — This is an option, and while not necessary, it will keep your clock(s) in exact sync with Atomic Time (NIST).  It continuously  corrects the controller to the same time that is on your cell phone!  A nice add-on for the high-tech customer who wants a clock that is completely hands-free.

LUMICHRON has the Tower Clock Parts for Case Clocks and Skeletal/Skeleton/Silhouette Tower Clocks.   If you have a surface fascia that can be the clock face, order just clock hands, clock movement, and master clock controller.  We can also provide hour markers, or that is often something the builder or sign company makes.  If you are building a sign cabinet in which the clock will be incorporated, we have the correct clock parts for that too.

Custom Vinyl Clock Dials are also available . . . we always print on CAST vinyl with a special UV coating for superior performance, color saturation, and longevity.

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