Top 5 Tallest University Clock Towers In the World

Top 5 Tallest University Clock Towers In the World

LUMICHRON Clock Company manufactures many different kinds of clocks for different settings including custom made tower clocks. Many universities have a tall exterior clock tower that is typically located at the center of the campus. These clock towers are visible from miles around and often become symbols of their universities. The tower clock quickly becomes the center of attention as it helps students to get to class on time. Here are the top 5 highest clock towers in the world.

5. Rajabai Clock Tower, Mumbai University, India

Tower clock - Rajabai

Rajabai Tower is a famous clock tower located in South Mumbai, India. It stands in Mumbai University Fort Campus located next to the High Court. The tower was built by Sir Gilbert Scott, who modeled it on the Big Ben, a clock tower in London. It took over nine years to build and was funded by a single benefactor, businessman Premchand Roychand, on the condition that it be named after his mother. Made from local stone in Gothic and Venetian styles, the tower stands an astonishing 279 feet tall, which made it the tallest structure in Mumbai at the time of its completion in 1878. Mumbai University was founded 21 years earlier, in 1857, and is one of India’s three oldest state universities.

4. Main Building Clock Tower, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, USA

tower clock - university of texas

The University of Texas’ clock tower is both an impressive icon and a reminder of tragedy. The Beaux Art-style tower was completed in 1937, just over half a century after the university was founded in 1883. It stands at 307 feet tall and is among the highest buildings in the city of Austin. Both students and the public can enjoy splendid views from the top, and the fact that the clock’s four faces measure 12 feet across helps ensure that it’s visible across the campus.

3. Sather Tower, UC Berkeley, California, USA

tower clock - sather university of berkeley

Sather Tower (1914), known to most as the Campanile, is perhaps UC Berkeley’s most famous symbol. Visible for miles, it stands 307 feet tall and is the third tallest bell and clock-tower in the world. It also houses 61 bells, which sound regularly during the fall and spring semesters. The Gothic Revival-style tower was designed by John Galen Howard, beginning as early as 1903 – half a year after the spontaneous collapse of a famous Venetian campanile, and 35 years after the university’s establishment in 1868. Although Howard may have taken inspiration from the Venetian campanile, he paid special attention to the strength of the building, which is made of granite and steel. The elegant landmark was completed in 1914, and today visitors to the tower can enjoy the majestic view from an observation deck 200 feet up.

2. Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower, University of Birmingham, UK

tower clock - joseph chamberlain memorial

The Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower, or simply “Old Joe”, is a clock tower and campanile located in Chancellor’s court at the University of Birmingham, in the suburb of Edgbaston. It is the tallest freestanding clock tower on Earth, even topping out the Elizabeth Tower that houses Big Ben in London. Its exact height is undetermined, but it’s estimated as being anywhere from 325 to 361 feet tall and is said to be the influence behind the “all-seeing eye” of Sauron in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The clock tower was built in the early 1900s and was designed by architects Sir Aston Webb and Edward Ingress Bell in the Renaissance Revival style. The tower clock face itself is 17.2 feet in diameter and has a 15-foot-long pendulum, and a 13-and-a-half-foot-long minute hand made out of copper. Like many of the others towers on this list, it has become the symbol of the campus it graces – which, in this case, is the University of Birmingham in England, established in 1900.

1. Main Building Clock Tower, Moscow State University, Russia

tower clock - moscow state university

The central tower of the iconic Moscow State University building – constructed in the Soviet Classicist style and completed in 1953 – soars a phenomenal 774 feet into the air. At 387 feet tall, it is the world’s tallest clock tower, with the largest clock in Moscow, as it has a diameter of 29.5 feet and a minute hand of 13.5 feet, which weighs only a hair under 86 pound. The university itself is also the oldest in Russia, having been founded in 1755.

These tall and beautiful university clock towers are all visual linchpins of the universities they adorn, and serve as symbols or representatives of the institutes all over the world. Inside the campus, though, these clock towers have their own significance to the students, as their student lives are dependent on what these tower clocks show: getting late for class, checking the time every now and then to see when the classes will finally give over, how much time is left to complete the examination, and so much more! They offer magnificent views from their top, as they stand in all their glory, to be seen from far and wide.