Outdoor Tower Clocks at the Fountains

Outdoor Tower Clocks at the Fountains

Set of four Tower Clocks for The Fountains clock tower in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Tower Clocks at The Fountains, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, construction and design by Compass Commercial in Hiawatha Iowa

Our customer, Compass Commercial Services headed in the right direction with a set of  four outdoor tower clocks at the development The Fountains clock towers in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

“From a blank slate a little over a year ago, the Fountains development in northeast Cedar Rapids is taking shape with several retail stores, restaurants, offices, clock towers and, yes, a pond with a fountain. The 19.3-acre mixed-use development located near the corner of Blairs Ferry and Edgewood roads NE, just north of the coming Highway 100 extension, is a master-planned area with one developer, Compass Commercial Services, controlling the entire complex and creating a cohesive design style.”

The clock tower at “The Fountains” in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is beautiful to look at and to listen to.  The four LUMICHRON tower clocks feature GPS-controlled time and an electronic bell system. The digital chimes have a standard repertoire of 57 melodies. The most popular is Westminster Chimes!  are all synchronized to Atomic time with a GPS Antenna.  Each custom clock is 48-inches in diameter and are operated with a set of 4 slave movements, which are controlled by a Master Clock.  The master clock is like a computer for the clock tower . . . it keeps the four clock faces in sync with each other, and also updates automatically for daylight saving time.  The illumination can be programmed to switch on at dusk and off at dawn, automatically, according to the locations GPS coordinates.

What this means is worry-free timekeeping for the property owners and managers. For the customers, workers, and residents of the Fountains, the clock tower adds the public service of knowing what time it is . . . and even if you don’t notice the four friendly faces, you will hear the chimes on the hours and quarter-hours.


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