Tower Clocks

We define a Tower Clock as a clock mounted in or on a designated raised structure. It’s a big clock on or in a wall. A Tower Clock makes an instant, positive statement about your community, business or institution. It’s hard to define exactly why, but it’s true! A large, round, analog clock for public display really looks nice on a building. Can we build one for you?

Your Lumichron clock will become an icon, built to last.

All Lumichron clocks are built-to-order, so it’s possible to design the perfect timepiece for your application. Get a Price Today!

Here are some basic considerations and features:

  • Size: based on the building, height and viewing distance. Start with a scale drawing and visualize what looks good.
  • Dial:
    • Hands and numbers only? See Skeletal Clocks
    • Illumination? Requires a case, called a canister. Dial can be face-lit or back-lit, or unlit
    • Generally dials are face-lit 30″ and smaller, back-lit for 36″ and larger.
    • Number and hand style? Arabic, Roman or other. Choose from stock designs or create your own.
    • Flush-mount or Surface-mount? The canister can be recessed into your façade through a rough-in opening – best for new construction. Surface-mount style is best for an existing building.
    • Time Control. All tower clocks must be controlled by either:
      • A remote switch (run, fast, stop) requiring manual resetting
      • A fully automatic clock controller which resets the hands automatically for DST or after power interruptions. Automatic clock controllers are quartz time-based, supplemented with GPS as an option. “Atomic time” (WWVB signal from Ft. Collins CO) is a bit too inconsistent to be reliable in all parts of the country.
      • Other: Generally, clocks 42″ and smaller feature a bezel, with tempered glass covering the dial. Clocks 48″ and larger are open-faced and have back-lit dials. Flat dial, pan-formed dial, applied graphics, embossed or bolt-on numbers are among the finer details of the clock!

Pricing? Questions? Contact us to help in designing your own timeless icon.

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