Lumichron 2014

Lumichron 2014

Ian Macartney, creator of Lumichron Outdoor Clocks, shown with a 72” diameter clock for Farmington Village Complex.

Grand Rapids, Michigan. Ian Macartney, creator of LUMICHRON Clock Company custom clocks reports a glowing outlook for 2014.  Lumichron clocks are ticking across the country and around the world, and even very close to its home in Grand Rapids.  The Grand Rapids Amtrak Station, Fulton Street Farmers Market, and a commercial building on Lake Drive in Grand Rapids all boast new beautiful, high-quality custom Lumichron commercial clocks. At the Lumichron shop in Grand Rapids, Macartney displays the latest creation, one of 2, 72-inch diameter tower clocks destined for the Farmington Village Center in Farmington, Michigan. The Roman numerals are 3-dimensional and add a distinctive look to the illuminated dial. Both clocks will be in perpetual synchronicity thanks to the Swiss master clock controller supplied by

Lumichron’s partner MOBATIME of Switzerland. The controller also will turn the illumination on at dusk and off at dawn, thanks to its computer which is set to the exact latitude and longitude of Farmington Village Center located at 32720- 32724 Grand River.


Tamalpais Clock Tower, 8-feet diameter skeletal, 3-sided tower fabricated and installed by LUMICHRON in Mill Valley, CA, December, 2013 (left above) and the Des Plaines, Illinois,  Train Station Lobby Clock, 36” diameter, suspended and illuminated, built by LUMICHRON, November, 2013 (right above).