Consumers Kitchen & Bath Clock withstands Hurricane Sandy

Consumers Kitchen & Bath Clock withstands Hurricane Sandy

. . .  and keeps on ticking!

LUMICHRON Clocks are Carefully Built to Weather the Storm!

People ask how well our clock hands and dials hold-up in weather extremes – very well actually!

Our customer on Long Island, Consumers Kitchen & Bath, suffered no damage whatsoever to their 5-foot diameter clock after Hurricane Sandy, even with exposed hands and face.  It is for such instances that we use unbreakable polycarbonate dials instead of acrylic!  In addition, the hands are made of durable .063 aluminum with a center break for rigidity and allowance for shear winds to pass.

And, when electricity was finally restored after many days, the clock reset itself to the correct time automatically – one less thing to worry about after the storm!
LUMICHRON Tower Clocks – Made Well to Last.

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The friendly face of a Lumichron clocks greets all customers to Consumers Kitchen & Bath . . . and keeps accurate time too!